AML - Company profile

AML Systems, lighting business of Johnson Electric Group, designs, produces and commercializes solutions to improve visibility and driver’s safety. With 20+ years of expertise, AML systems is a leading supplier of levelers, smart lighting actuators and headlamp cleaning systems for the automotive industry.

A strong expertise in lighting and actuator development

AML Systems offers the unique combination of an extensive know how in actuator design and 20+ years experience of automotive lighting focus, now as an independent company.Our goal is to provide customer-oriented QCDM efficient solutions for the automotive industry. Our policy is supported by a strong continuous innovation strategy which leaded to among others, a new « flying spot » proposal.

A dedication to innovation combined with a worldwide presence

AML Systems offers a R&D power of 60 people dedicated to lighting products located in France and in China to support the projects of our customers worldwide. Our global footprint (France and China) and industrial strategy, fueled by our continuous improvement policy, enables AML Systems to supply global platforms worldwide with same products and to perform outstanding quality. AML Systems has today a local presence in 7 major automotive countries and delivers worldwide. 2014 output has been 20 million levelers, 0,5 million smart lighting actuator and 1 million headlamp cleaning kits.

Sustainable Development

AML Systems gives priority to safety and innovation and makes a special emphasis on developing sustainable products and takes environmental protection and recycling into appropriate consideration fromat the very initial phase of development. In addition, all AML production plants are certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Key figures

  • 2017-2018 Sales: 135 M€
  • Employees: 560 (France & China)
  • Production sites: 3
  • Development centers: 2
  • 2023 Gender equality: 86
    • Gender pay gap: 36
    • Difference in the rate of individual increases: 20
    • Promotion rate: 15
    • Increase of employees returning from maternity or adoption leave: 15
    • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the ten highest paid employees: 0

Bureaux d'AML

AML Paris offices are based in Le Bourget, Green Building Le Mermoz, a recognized environmentaly building which meets the latest environmental standard.