Acquisition by Johnson Electric of the three AML SYSTEMS sites: Hirson, Le Bourget, Wuxi


1,000,000th ADB actuator


250,000,000 Levelers


First ADB on the road: A safety revolution


Spin-off from Valeo Lighting on July 1st and creation of AML Systems SAS
Start of production of low pressure Headlamp Cleaning System systems
Launch of “glare free high beam” actuators


Start of leveler assembly in China (Wuxi/Jiangsu Province)
Start of Headlamp Cleaning System hose kit assembly in Eastern Europe
Start of production of Trifunction actuators (low, motorway & high beam)


Start of production of Bifunction actuators for projector modules (low & high beam)


Transfer of Headlamp Cleaning System business to AML Business Unit


Hirson plant extension


New plant in Hirson


Transfer to Valeo Lighting and creation of the Business Unit Active Modules for Lighting


Become Valeo Electronique
Start of production of headlamp levelers (PSA, Saab & Opel)

1985 to 1987

Become Signal Vision SA
Start of door lock motors for Ford

1981 to 1985

Become NEIMAN & KLAXON Industries
Focus on electromechanical products (relays, solenoids, horns) and rear lamps

1960 to 1981

Become SEIMA SA: manufacturing of horns and rear lamps

Before 1960

FERSON SA: manufacturing of metal parts and horns

Key figures

  • 2017-2018 Sales: 135 M€
  • Employees: 560 (France & China)
  • Production sites: 3
  • Development centers: 2
  • 2023 Gender equality: 86
    • Gender pay gap: 36
    • Difference in the rate of individual increases: 20
    • Promotion rate: 15
    • Increase of employees returning from maternity or adoption leave: 15
    • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the ten highest paid employees: 0

Bureaux d'AML

AML Paris offices are based in Le Bourget, Green Building Le Mermoz, a recognized environmentaly building which meets the latest environmental standard.