A choice driven by time and cost constraints

A spin-off of Valeo, AML Systems was obliged to create a new digital purchasing system, when it became independent in late 2010.

Previously, AML Systems had relied on C-One Webprocurement, the purchasing platform used by all Valeo business units. After identifying several options, AML Systems rapidly approached the American company Coupa. "This option was suggested by our Chairman, who became familiar with the system while working in the US," explains Jean-Paul Martinez, head of group purchasing. "If we had started looking from scratch, we would probably have focused our search more on editors located in France," he says.
There was an immediate understanding between AML and Coupa, via Axosse one of the company’s partners in France. "Not only did we share the same innovation approach, along the lines of a start-up, but we were also given a demonstration that proved very convincing, both in terms of functional coverage and in terms of ergonomics," explains Olivier Darme, purchasing manager for the group's production site, in charge of the project. The fact that the Axosse teams are fluent in SAP technology (the ERP system retained by AML Systems that the e-procurement solution needs to connect to) was also a key factor. As were the references presented by Coupa.
But the final choice was mainly driven by time and cost constraints. “While ensuring a certain amount of flexibility in order to take account of our specificities, the SaaS solution enabled us to set up quickly and with limited initial investment,” continues Olivier Darme. “It is also accessible from anywhere in the world, from our sites in France and China, or those of our industrial partners." Although buyers will continue to manage consultations using traditional tools for the time being, Coupa is already taking care of purchase requests, receptions and a number of business indicators. Before going any further, AML Systems wants to complete structuring of its organization and functional processes.

Automotive supplier (lighting)
Sales (2012): €67 million
Employees: around 380 (two sites in France, one in China)
Purchasing: €36 million
Purchasing department: 13 buyers, including 5 in China

“La Lettre des achats” n° 217 / June 2013 / 53