Workshop DVN New Dehli, Inde
2016 New Dehli DVN Workshop

The 12th DVN workshop has taken take place for the first time in New Delhi on February 9-10, 2016, At the Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, close to the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo

On 9 and 10 February 2016, AML SYSTEMS attended the DVN congress at New Delhi. The subject was : Lighting systems, affordability and energy saving.

As AML SYSTEMS has in its genes to provide cost effective solutions for motions in lighting, the Delhi DVN was a great opportunity to show our latest proposals :

1) A simple, effective solution for an ADB LED projector unit based on a bifunction actuator. Thanks to a reliable DC Motor, the system can switch from a low beam to a selective beam pattern. The presence of a quick and precize swiveling actuator allows the merge of the 2 selective beams to provide the high beam.

The standard AML dynamic leveler completes the function by a simple integration of both leveling and manual aiming features in a single unit.

Depending on the required performance, a complete ADB function can be achieved with a single LED per projector unit.

2) A complete leveling system where the usual motor and electronics are replaced by 2 bowden cables along the engine compartment, put in permanent tension by a spring in the levelers.

Of course, the manual aiming is also present on those cable levelers.

One million systems are already on the roads, including on the tight indian ones without claim.