2017 Very good start for AML systems

AML SYSTEMS won three awards for the year 2017: Best Supplier Quality by Valeo, Excellent Supplier by VTYC and also Yishan.

Indeed, we are very proud of Wuxi site who received a first prize as Best Supplier Quality Award for the year 2016 during a Valeo event organized in Shanghai.

Valeo invited more than 160 suppliers to this event and attributed 8 suppliers awards: NPP Innovation, Delivery, Innovation and Technology, Project development, Reward Action, Global partner, Quality and Global Performance. At the beginning, more than 762 suppliers were eligible for these potential awards.

In addition to this Valeo award, the Wuxi site received on 24th February the price of Excellent suppliers by VTYC and Yishan for its overall performance in terms of Quality, Cost and Time.

A first quarter which is very encouraging for AML SYSTEMS and its activity for 2017.

Below you will find the picture of the event with Xue FENG (Wuxi site Director) and the Valeo representatives : Vincent DELCAMBRE (Group commodity Director) and Didier DIMUR (Group SQA Director):