Welcome to the JOHNSON ELECTRIC family

Welcome to the Johnson Electric family

Message from Dr. Patrick Wang,

Chairman and Chief Executive

Dear AML Colleagues,

Welcome to the Johnson Electric family ! You are joining a team of 38,000 people from all corners of the world who are committed to making our customers successful.

Today marks the start of a new, exciting journey. The combination of AML’s and Johnson Electric’s resources and expertise in headlamp actuation provides us with a unique opportunity to design and deliver truly differentiated solutions in automotive lighting – and this will form the basis for accelerating sales growth and expanding career opportunities for our people. The breadth and depth of our combined product portfolio will effectively position the Group’s as the world’s leading supplier in the sector and contribute to improved visibility and safety of drivers and other road users.

Johnson Electric is committed to AML’s core strengths. We will seek to retain and invest for the long-term in AML’s product know-how, manufacturing capability and most importantly, its people. Le Bourget will become the competence center of lighting actuation segment for Johnson Electric Group globally. Hirson and Wuxi will in turn become integral parts of our expanded global manufacturing footprint and will be further strengthened by greater vertical integration and increased in-sourcing of components.

Very shortly you will be hearing from the management team regarding the new organization structure that will support this long-term vision.

Achieving success, of course, will require all of us in the company to work as one team ; communicate directly, openly and honestly ; and most importantly, continue to do what we do best : help make our customers successful.

I look forward to having your support on our journey together.

Best Regards,

Patrick Wang,

Chairman and Chief Executive